Imaging in Lyme neuroborreliosis

Lyme neuroborreliosis (LNB) is a tick-borne spirochetal infection with a broad spectrum of imaging pathology and it should be considered among differential diagnoses when clinical manifestations from the nervous system occur. Imaging is used to rule out other reasons for the neurological symptoms and it is, therefore, important to know the diversity of possible imaging findings from the infection itself. This article aims to educate those engaged in imaging of the nervous system and to serve as a comprehensive tool in clinical cases.

Article: Imaging in Lyme neuroborreliosis

Authors: Elisabeth S. Lindland, Anne Marit Solheim, Silje Andreassen, Else Quist-Paulsen, Randi Eikeland, Unn Ljøstad, Åse Mygland, Ahmed Elsais, Gro O. Nygaard, Åslaug R. Lorentzen, Hanne F. Harbo and Mona K. Beyer