Does Insights into Imaging have an Impact Factor?

The impact factor calculation is based on the number of citations in the past 2 years compared to the number of articles published. Insights into Imaging does not have an IF yet, and it will be announced as soon as it can be expected.

About Open Access

What is ‘Open Access’ publishing?
All research articles published on the SpringerOpen journal platform are open access and immediately accessible upon publication on www.springeropen.com/content and via SpringerLink .

About the Article Processing Charge
Insights into Imaging (I3) is committed to showing that open access provides a viable alternative that better fits the needs of the scientific community than the traditional business model of restricting content by subscriptions and fees.

Who owns the copyright of content published in Insights into Imaging?

As all articles are published under the Creative Commons Licence, the copyright of all articles remains with the authors.
If you have any questions regarding reprint or copyright issues, please contact office@i3-journal.org