Cryoablation and immunotherapy: can they work together?

Cryoablation can be used for destroying cancer cells via osmosis and necrosis by freezing them. With necrosis, it is hypothesised that the immune system can induce an immune-specific reaction than can, in theory, affect cancer cells. This article reviews the efficiency of combining cryoablation with immunotherapy for cancer treatment.

Article: Cryoablation and immunotherapy: an overview of evidence on its synergy

Authors: Brigitte M. Aarts, Elisabeth G. Klompenhouwer, Samuel L. Rice, Farshad Imani, Tarik Baetens, Axel Bex, Simon Horenblas, Marleen Kok, John B. A. G. Haanen, Regina G. H. Beets-Tan and Fernando M. Gómez