Imaging of primary pancreatic lymphoma


This article describes the CT characteristics of primary pancreatic lymphoma (PPL), a rare disease with features in common with adenocarcinoma.


Key points:

  • Primary pancreatic lymphoma (PPL) is a rare haematological disease
  • PPL presents imaging features in common with pancreatic carcinoma but also some distinctive findings
  • The majority of PPLs are large lesions with delayed homogeneous enhancement
  • Peri-pancreatic fat stranding and vessel encasement are common in PPL
  • Vascular infiltration and pancreatic duct dilatation are rare in PPL

Article: CT imaging of primary pancreatic lymphoma: experience from three referral centres for pancreatic diseases

Authors: Enrico Boninsegna, Giulia A. Zamboni, Davide Facchinelli et al