Celebrating IDOR 2019 with a special selection of articles from Insights into Imaging

Imaging of hip and thigh muscle injury: a pictorial review
This pictorial review analyses the diagnostic assessment, in particular MRI, of muscle injuries of the hip and thigh. The correct and proper interpretation of the imaging findings is of utmost importance, particularly in elite athletes.

The elbow: review of anatomy and common collateral ligament complex pathology using MRI
This review highlights the MR imaging protocols recommended for each of the different elbow injury diagnosis, focusing on elbow instability and ligament injuries. The authors also present multiple cases of typical and atypical patterns of injury.

MR-arthrography and CT-arthrography in sports-related glenolabral injuries: a matched descriptive illustration
Young athletes may experience injuries such as dislocation of the glenohumeral joint due to the large range of motion and insufficient bony stabilization. MR-arthrography and CT-arthrography are key in the preoperative workup of labroligametous injuries. The authors of this article acquired MR-arthrography and CT-arthrography at the same time to illustrate common causes and sequelae of shoulder instability.

Ultrasound elastography: compression elastography and shear-wave elastography in the assessment of tendon injury
This article reviews the two major techniques used in musculoskeletal elastography, compression elastography and shear-wave elastography, and evaluates the studies published on major electronic databases that use both techniques in the context of tendon pathology.


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