Evaluation of the solitary pulmonary nodule

This pictorial review gives an overview of morphological features of solitary pulmonary nodules. Furthermore it highlights the importance of morphology for the early detection and diagnosis of malignancies.



Teaching points:

  • Size of a pulmonary nodule is important, but morphological assessment should not be underestimated.
  • Lung nodules should be evaluated on thin section CT, in both lung and mediastinal window settings.
  • Features associated with benignity include a triangular morphology, internal fat and calcifications.
  • Spiculation, pleural retraction and notch sign are highly suggestive of a malignant nature.
  • Complex features (e.g. bubble-like lucencies) are highly indicative of a malignant nature.

Article: Evaluation of the solitary pulmonary nodule: size matters, but do not ignore the power of morphology

Authors: Annemie Snoeckx, Pieter Reyntiens, Damien Desbuquoit et al