Ethics of artificial intelligence in radiology

This article is a condensed summary of an international multisociety statement on ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology. It highlights the agreement that ethical use of AI in radiology should promote well-being, minimize harm, and ensure that the benefits and harms are distributed among stakeholders in a fair manner.

Article: Ethics of artificial intelligence in radiology: summary of the joint European and North American multisociety statement

Authors: J. Raymond Geis, Adrian Brady, Carol C. Wu, Jack Spencer, Erik Ranschaert, Jacob L. Jaremko, Steve G. Langer, Andrea Borondy Kitts, Judy Birch, William F. Shields, Robert van den Hoven van Genderen, Elmar Kotter, Judy Wawira Gichoya, Tessa S. Cook, Matthew B. Morgan, An Tang, Nabile M. Safdar and Marc Kohli