MRI for the evaluation of adenomyosis

This pictorial review illustrates the MRI findings of adenomyosis, a disease of the inner myometrium, and its associated conditions whilst focusing on their imaging pitfalls.



Teaching points:

  • Adenomyosis is defined as the presence of ectopic endometrium within the myometrium.
  • MRI is an accurate tool for the diagnosis of adenomyosis and associated conditions.
  • Adenomyosis can be diffuse or focal.
  • The most established MRI finding is thickening of junctional zone exceeding 12 mm.
  • High-signal intensity myometrial foci on T2- or T1-weighted images are also characteristic.

Article: MRI for adenomyosis: a pictorial review

Authors: Lisa Agostinho, Rita Cruz, Filipa Osório, João Alves, António Setúbal and Adalgisa Guerra