About the Article Processing Charge

How much is the APC for Insights into Imaging?
The APC for publication in Insights into Imaging is € 900.

Are there any discounts?
SpringerOpen operates a membership program. Please check if your institution is a Member or Supporting Member at www.springeropen.com/inst

Are there any discounts for ESR members?
ESR covers the APC for all active ESR members, ensuring publication without any additional charges.
Note that the submitter needs to be an active member of ESR at submission stage to benefit from ESR covering the APC.
Become an ESR Member – See further information at www.myESR.org/membership
If you are an ESR member, please write an email to office@i3-journal.org after you have started your submission, to receive the necessary code which you must enter in order to proceed with your submission. Your membership will then be checked by the Editorial office and an APC sponsorship granted within 2 working days. Please be aware that submission will be blocked until the APC sponsorship has been approved.

Are taxes included in the APC?
No taxes are included in this charge. Authors resident in any EU country have to add Value-Added Tax (VAT, currently 20%). Institutions paying the fee on behalf of the author can in most cases have the VAT refunded, or by providing SpringerOpen with their VAT registration number (except UK), avoid paying VAT altogether.

When do I have to pay?
The APC needs to be paid, if not otherwise waived (see discounts above) after acceptance. You do not have to pay any charges for submissions or revisions if they are not accepted for publication.

Is the APC dependent on the article length?

Does the submitting or corresponding author pay the APC?
The submitting author is responsible for making or arranging the payment.

Which funding agencies explicitly allow direct use of their grants to cover APCs?
Many funding agencies allow the use of grants for this purpose and the number is increasing. See a list of funding agencies that provide publication allowances here.

How do I pay?
Unless a waiver has been granted, the submitting author must confirm, upon submission, that they will pay the APC should the article be accepted for publication. If a manuscript after peer review is ready to be accepted, the author will be notified and should provide payment by one of the following methods:
Payment by credit card: the credit card details can be provided using a secure form, at the time the manuscript is ready for acceptance. No charges will be processed until the article is accepted for publication, and the author will be notified of any charges that have been made.
Payment upon invoice: to be paid within 30 days of receipt of an invoice.

Payment other than by credit card carries an administrative surcharge of £50. In all cases a receipt will be sent after the payment has been received.

What happens if an author cannot pay?
If the submitting author is a radiologist or radiology professional, we suggest to apply for ESR membership at www.myESR.org/membership. ESR membership costs € 11 per year. Note that the submitting author needs to be an active member of ESR at submission stage to benefit from ESR covering the APC.

Individual waiver requests will be considered by the publisher on a case-by-case basis and may be granted in cases of lack of funds. To apply for a waiver, please request it during the submission process. A decision on the waiver will normally be made within two weeks. Submission of the article to the journal can then be completed.

Can the APC rate change from submission to acceptance stage?
No. The APC payable for an article is determined at the time payment is agreed to as part of the submission process. This means:
If the APC goes up between submission and publication, you still pay the lower APC.
If the exchange rates change between submission and publication, an author still pays the amount in their applicable currency that they agreed to pay on submission.
If an institution ceases to be a member between submission and publication of an author’s article, they still receive membership benefits. Conversely, if an institution becomes a member after the author submits an article, that article will not in general be covered by the membership.

Do authors from low-income countries have to pay APCs?
Authors from low-income countries receive automatic waivers on submission and do not have to pay APCs. This policy is supported by SpringerOpen’s Open access waiver fund (find information and list of countries here).